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supply of machines and parts for mining

Partner/representative profile of Belra Impex company

Belra Impex company selling components for mining and construction equipment of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins engines is interested in opening of representatives in CIS countries.

If an applicant is a legal entity:

    Experience in selling parts for construction or automobile equipment.
  • Presence of potential market of components for construction equipment in the operation area.
  • Qualified personnel of the company. Knowledge of equipment we work with and at least one employee with good knowledge of English language able to communicate freely.
  • Legally sound company that is not at any stage of bankruptcy proceedings, virtual bankruptcy, legal proceedings etc.
  • Positive dynamics of sales.


  • Warehouse facilities available.
  • Service equipment for machines available

If an applicant is a physical person (a representative):

  • Experience in spare parts sales
  • Executive experience
  • Experience in business launching and developing
  • Mandatory experience in negotiation with top management
  • Excellent negotiation skills, competence in communicating the subject clearly and precisely, identifying needs, conflict management
  • Competence in persuading a client to purchase our production
  • Competence in regional construction equipment components market and clients
  • Advanced in English
  • Advanced PC user
  • Age of 30-45 years
  • Desire to develop own business, become a team member, take responsibility for performance result